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Saturday, 13 October 2012

A Whimsical Life, A New Bedroom Idea

For those who know me well, know I love whimsical treasures... Furniture, decoration and jewelry are all favourites of mine to find a little touch of whimsy!

One of the best places to create whimsy in your home, is in a baby nursery or a child's bedroom. As my children get older, i am finding myself wanting and needing to change there bedrooms around. My son started grade school this year, and now needs a space for a desk. My daughter will be three at Christmas, and no longer needs all those baby nic nacs I had collected during pregnancy.

I have been researching fun and whimsical ideas on how to rearrange and decorate their rooms, while giving them the spaces they need and creating a fun environment.

During my search, I found some really fun and imaginative ideas!

Here is a fun retro style room in a woodland theme. I love how essentially easy this would be to recreate without going all the way "camp ground". All you need is a piece of artificial grass or green rug and some woodland themed wall decals to get the basic woodland feel.

i found this room on The Lettered Cottage Blog

Here is a fun Fawn figurine I found on

Here is a green rug idea I found at Ikea
Wall decals are an easy and less expensive alternative to wall paper. Most decals are available in a variety of colours. These were found on
Textiles are also a fun and inexpensive way to change a room. Curtains and cushions in a woodland theme would be a great addition to this Woodland themed room.

Woodsy curtains found at
Woodland animal theme cushions from Savage Seeds
Try mixing new decorations with vintage finds or garage sale bargains. This is a great way to personalize a room into one-of-a-kind without breaking your budget! You also will have a more "homey" feel instead of just a Big Box store replica.
Most of all, have fun decorating your child's room. Maybe even ask them for their ideas!
If you have a little girl and want woodland themed hair accessories.... Giddy Up & Grow has you covered. Here are a few accessories currently in the shop!
 Miss Hoot Headband

Leaf Garland Headband is a great resource for organizing your decorating ideas into story boards, while being able to find fun ideas too.
Happy Decorating!!

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