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Saturday, 19 January 2013

February Headlines ~ love is in the air

Here are the February Headlines from Giddy Up & Grow!

Have you entered the Giddy Up & Grow photo contest? Photos must be emailed to View the contest details here!!
Some people feel that Valentine's Day is just for kids... That you don't need one day to express your love to your loved ones. I agree on that. We shouldn't just use Valentine's Day as an excuse to say the words "I love you", or to do something nice for someone we love. These gestures should be done throughout the year. However, I do think Valentine's Day is the perfect day to go over the top! Why not write your partner an extra special love letter, buy a giant bouquet of flowers, or spend some special time with friends??? There are all different types of love in the world, why not shout it to the world!!
Here is an over-the-top recipe for Red Velvet Waffles that is sure to please any loved one! If you don't have a waffle iron, convert these beauties into Pancakes!
This recipe is courtesy of Find the recipe by clicking on the picture!
Valentine's Day doesn't just have to be red, white and pink... Why not try something fresh and new like Peach & Mint!! These colours look great together, and you can wear these colours all year round! Here is a Peach & Mint Bow Headband with gold glitter heart centre by Giddy Up & Grow!

Do you or your children like to hand out Valentine's Day cards? My kids do at school, and I like to give something special and silly to my kids on this day. Cards can get very expensive, so why not make your own!! Here are some FREE printable V-Day cards that work for little girls and boys. All you need is a printer! Click here for instructions on the FREE printable cards provided by

Out of this world ~ Photo Contest

I want to try and do something fun for the month of February, so I came up with a Photo Contest! This is an opportunity for Giddy Up & Grow customers to submit a photo(s) of their little one(s) wearing a Giddy Up & Grow design. Each different photo submitted will count as 1 entry into the contest. For example if you submit 1 photo, you get 1 entry into the contest. If you submit 5 different photos, you will receive 5 entries. The more photos you submit, the more entries you will receive and a greater chance you have at winning!

Photo Contest Details

Date: You can start to submit your photos by email on February 1st until February 13th at 12:00pm (MST). Any photos submitted before February 1st or after February 13th will not count in the contest. Submissions can be either professionally done or photographed yourself, but you must be the owner of the photograph.

How: Submit your jpeg photos by email to, only jpeg images will be entered. Photos containing full or partial nudity will not be submitted into the contest.

Once you have emailed your photos, a reply email will be sent. Each of your photos submitted will be given a number. These numbers are like raffle tickets, don't lose your numbers.

Winner: Two winners will be chosen randomly using on Feb. 14th. The winners will then be contacted via email and will have 48 hours to respond to claim their prize.  If no response from the winner(s) is received within 48 hours, a new winner(s) will be randomly selected and notified.  Winners will be announced on and

Prizes: The first winner will receive a $75 online shop credit to, the second winner (runner up) will receive a $35 online shop credit to The winners will have 1 month to use up all of their shop credit before it expires. Shop credit starts on February 15th and will expire on March 15th. The winner(s) do NOT have to use their shop credit all at one time, and they may use the shop credit to pay shipping and handling charges. If your purchase is greater than the shop credit amount, a Paypal invoice will sent to pay for the remaining balance. Nothing will be shipped until any remaining balance is paid. Please note that items shipped from Giddy Up & Grow come from Canada and may take several weeks to arrive depending on customs clearance.

Legal: Please note that by submitting your photo to this contest, you agree that your photo may be used on the following public websites:

Any photos with full or partial nudity will not count as entry into the contest. Each photo must contain a Giddy Up & Grow hair accessory design to be entered.


Saturday, 12 January 2013

Giddy Up & Grow 2013 Look Book

I put together a small 2013 Look Book for my shop Giddy Up & Grow. For those of you who don't know what a "Look Book" is, its a visual collection of your work. The pieces I featured in my Look Book, are pieces I personally love, and hope you will too!

Here it is, let me know what you think!!